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Care measures for porcelain products

1. Strength and resistance assessment of porcelain products, decorated with ceramic colors, to dishwashers and microwave ovens influence should accepted as approximate, because test results strongly depend on a kind of dishwasher, its washing program, abstergents used, water quality and color burn terms.

2. Do not place tableware with gilding, silver and platinum cover into microwave ovens.

3. It’s possible to use dishwashers for porcelain tableware without gilding, silver and platinum cover if the below recommendations are followed:

- do not force dishwasher;

- do not use strong chemical abstergents;

- it’s recommended to use liquid abstergents or tablets;

- water temperature in dishwasher should be higher than 55 - 60 ۫C;

- it’s necessary to let porcelain tableware cool down inside dishwasher to room temperature after dry.

4. The products with under-glaze painting may be placed into microwave ovens and washed with dishwasher of any type.

5. It’s possible to use hard porcelain products with under-glaze painting for cooking in ovens or deep freeze terms (reliably up to 10 thermal cycling held out).  

6. It’s recommended to avoid placing porcelain products onto naked flame.

7. Set pieces of thin (bone) porcelain should not be washed with dishwasher and placed into microwave ovens.

8. Noses of porcelain tea and coffee pots should be cleaned with small yielding brushes for feeding bottles.   

9. In case of silver compound blur at the product décor, its clearance may be made with soapy water together with ammonia at 1 table spoon of ammonia for 1 liter of water, by means of soft cotton cloth. After washing a product should be given a swill with clear water and wiped with clean soft cloth.